Social media has become a massive part to everyone’s life. It’s almost become impossible to exist without it, it’s now part of people’s jobs and even how we stay in touch with people.

It’s helped us reconnect with people, even become connected to strangers. It enables us to show the world ourselves and what we have to offer, it can open many doors. Yet not all those doors that open are a good thing, what happens when someone bringing you unhappiness walks in? Many people use these platforms to grow their careers, as do brands. What extent does it all become too much, at what point is the limit?


Growing up on social media must be the worst because even as an adult I find that it can be a lonely place for people to bully and harass one and other. These two things are never okay and they are certainly dealt with far better in the real world than on social media’s. It has become to seem like you’re alone in that and when it’s happening you’re waiting for the social media platform to recognise it as bullying. Waiting for a bully to be stopped, will always be a lonely and sufferable time.

These people who attack online are never the people who would come up to you and say it. I’m a big believer in, if you can’t say anything nice, be better and say nothing. I have learnt though that bullies attack what is their own insecurities, if you look deep enough into what they are attacking you about, it’s what is they are most insecure about. Self assured people feel no need to bully others because they don’t need to make themselves feel better from it, a bully is simply trying to make them self feel better…

The trouble is, there’s not enough being done about this on social media. We are team, we handle things together but what if you’re alone in someone’s abusive attack? These platforms allow these things to happen and fail to do much about it. I think there needs to be stricter regulations on this because no one needs to be made to feel alone in this world and we live in a world where this shouldn’t be tolerated anymore. 


There’s now a culture of “give it me for free” due to brands wanting exposure and promotions. For smaller brands with less expensive products and big brands, this works well to some degree. Unfortunately I’ve learnt that there’s an ugly side to this on both sides, being the business and the consumer.

As a consumer, there’s this ugly side from disingenuous brands constantly spamming and trying in many ways to make money from you. Whether that be you sign up to their products and pay a small percentage or become an “ambassador” and buy the clothes to endorse the brand. This can make you less trusting of smaller brands out there and feel like their attention is not wanted. Even the constant advertisements can be a little annoying. Posting you can receive 10% off on the picture of your cute cat, is unnecessary and quite frankly, beyond annoying! Finding out what’s genuine and what’s not is extremely tiresome…

Lack of support to one and other is going down the drain. No longer do we even like the products, there’s become a culture of “I like it, if it’s for free…” and suddenly you’re at a loss on who actually is interested or is only interested for that reason.  

There’s something beautiful in genuine people and the support of others, what we fail to remember is, exposure isn’t everything – all you need is loyalty and support. If you have a handful of people who consistently give you their loyalty and support – it’s better than being known by thousands with very little support. It can become extremely disheartening when you work so hard, to only find some people are only interested in it if it’s free.

I find it sad in today’s world, social media allows bullying to exist. I find it disappointing to see a lack of genuineness and support from one and other. And I think sometimes it’s an online platform of tricks to fool you into something. However, these things completely exist in the outside world. On an everyday basis you will come across one of these things but surely online it can be controlled? Surely in a world where we can be tracked exactly where we went that day, they can help say no to these things? 

And if they can’t stop the entitlement and make it more genuine, then at least completely stop the bullying…