Inspired by exotic travels and cultures, Alina London reveals the spirit of a free, strong and beautiful woman in the most far-away and tropical places.

Alina London is a premium fashion label made in London, using the finest Italian fabrics. It is exclusively focused on exotic holiday women’s wear.

From French Riviera to Caribbeans, from Miami to Dubai, our brand has created the perfect wardrobe for the perfect getaway…

The idea of the brand happened on a lazy and warm summer afternoon in Monaco, at the Nikki Beach pool sipping on champagne Mojitos…

We came up with the idea of setting up a women’s wear label mainly focused on warm holiday destinations and popular summer party places such as the French Riviera, Caribbean or Dubai.

Alina London brand takes pride in being a British developed brand with Southern influences.


As an extension of our womenswear holiday label, we thought about a bigger fashion & art universe, entirely dedicated to exotic artists & designers. We want to convey the warmest and most exciting holiday vibes when you enter the world of our store.

We take pride in travelling the world and selecting the most exclusive exotic pieces for your wardrobe and home.

We curated an exclusive collection of fashion & art items available in our store only. We carefully select unique items and collaborate with a variety of international designers to deliver you the most one-of-a-kind products in London dedicated to your holiday plans.

We also encourage emerging and new designers to contact us for any potential collaboration at