I’ve often found it’s so easy to become overwhelmed in today’s world. Sometimes it can feel all too much, it brings you down and wears you out… That’s why choosing yourself first is the best thing you can do in those moments. In order to be able to do your job properly, look after and engage with your loved ones, you need to have put fuel in your engine too.

In these situations you might find you don’t even realise that you need said “me time” but it isn’t just a spa day, a mindfulness book or a jog in the park, it’s also saying I’m going to leave work at work this weekend or I’m choosing to spend more time with my friends and loved ones this week.
Doing what makes you happy can wear you out also as you forget when to balance it and then feeling like “I need me time for a little bit now”. However, creating a balance or at least trying to so, is what you’re aiming for. If we don’t look after ourselves, how can we help and be there for other people?
Get Away. Even if it’s a day or two…

Get away. You could be at home or go somewhere, just shut off from your daily routines. Reward yourself during this little get away with some treats to make you happy too. Make it all about you and why not bring your partner in too!? Don’t see anyone, don’t go on your social media’s, no emails. Just shut down and wind down for a day or two at the very least.
You might feel like but what if I don’t reply and this happens or what if get bored even? If you don’t reply, they will get their answer when you do. And you won’t get bored either, you’ll find a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

Free your mind for a little while and let the world carry on…

Reward Yourself
Sometimes we can find ourselves working hard or achieving something and finding ourselves after the appraisal from others. As much as that is equally important, so is saying well done to yourself. Properly thinking about your recent accomplishments and rewarding yourself for it. This is “me time” because you’re looking after your mind set on when you do something great. You might find people never really acknowledge what you achieved, big or small and that’s why you should always be able to be content first with your own self appraisal. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and then you’ll feel less down when other people don’t do it. Saying well done to yourself can make you feel far better about yourself than you know.

Believe in you and say thank you to yourself…

Over the years I’ve learned that some people are either big believers in a good nights sleep or just simply not.
Sometimes the best solution to answers we can’t solve, is sleep. You are caring for your mind and body by getting those 8 hours or more in. Now we can’t do this every night for obvious reasons but aiming for it is a big must.

And why do I believe this falls under me time? Sleep impacts your body and most of all you mentally. Being in a better mental place for the day will help you incredibly on all levels. If you can’t put down the phone before bed, I like to turn out the lights, that way my mind begins to transition into the idea of sleep and not think about the day prior to that.

Sleep is a powerful tool for our existence, without it we simply struggle…see it as time for yourself to gather your thoughts.

Cut out the negative
Unfortunately I have come to realise this is the best thing you can do for yourself. Things or people that make you unhappy will drain you on a constant basis. The same way people who always seem to bring the drama, will do exactly the same. And quite often we put ourselves through it in hope those things or people will change. Quite often they do not.
But it’s okay to cut that out of your life, to recognise the negative factors within your life on a regular basis, is being in tune with yourself.

It’s extremely important and if you don’t asses what is making you happy or what’s not from time to time, it will eventually wear you out. Listen to that gut feeling more, tell yourself it’s okay not to get along with everyone. Be at peace with moving on from things because they no longer serve purpose within your own self happiness.

Life is too short too be surrounded by what makes you unhappy when you can change it, chose “me time” in a different way and decide I’m more important than the unhappiness you bring me.

fashion joint evening wear

Do what makes your heart happy
Choosing to what makes you happy is me time because you’re saying I chose me. Take risks with your happiness and the time to try to do something that will make you happy on a regular basis. Go after something you love. I think this is the most important one because we must agree to invest in ourselves here and do what will we can ultimately never regret, trying to achieve happiness. Think big, dream even bigger.

Me time is choosing to follow your dreams too…

Looking after ourselves is me time, choosing to eat well, exercise and be more mindful is an excellent way to go about this.

Yet, I wanted to look at the ways that are not always so obvious to being time for you. The simple things can go a long way here… Chose yourself today and help someone else tomorrow. Give your mind and body what it needs, a little bit of solitude from time to time!

With love,
Fearne on the Alina’s Closet Team